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About Us

Before the days of Atlas Financial, our founder Gareth, helped his clients reclaim over a million pounds worth of mis-sold PPI from the banks. During that time, it became apparent that many insurance policies were also mis-sold and didn’t do what they were intended. Gareth formed Atlas to rectify this and to provide his clients with the assurance “Everything will be alright”.

Similarly, if it’s value for money you’re after, you can place your trust in Atlas Financial who have a growing list of insurers and funeral plan providers, which is essential in making sure you receive the best quotes available today.

With our rich and diverse experience, we are now on a mission to reduce the Protection Gap, if this interests you and you would like to find out more, then you will find an illustration in the blue section below.

Chart illustrating assets versus liabilities, highlighting Atlas Financial's version of the protection gap

Our Mission

We’d like to help the people of the United Kingdom to be more insured! Sound obvious? Of course it does, according to the insurance company Swiss Re, the UK is under-insured by a staggering £2.5 Trillion. To clarify, that looks like this £2,500,000,000,000. In short, that could buy:

  • 1.7 Billion Cruises around the Caribbean
  • 9.6 Million Lamborghinis
  • 2 Million Luxury apartments in Miami, or
  • You could buy The Shard in London 5,747 times

Did you say under-insured?

Yes, this is also known as ‘The Protection Gap’. Let’s have a look at an example:

In the graph, the various BLUE COLOURS in the left column, show what most people consider to be important outgoings in their life. In the right column, the GREEN COLOURS show possessions someone might own. If the person in this example were to die, what they own (assets) isn’t enough to cover their costs (liabilities), this would be their PROTECTION GAP.