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Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance is a policy that will pay you a lump sum in case of an accident. Most of the accident insurance plans provide relief in case of certain occurrences. These generally include death, broken bones, blindness, paralysis, third degree burns, loss of speech or various body parts. You would also receive a reimbursement for hospitalisation.

An accident insurance does not require medical underwriting. In fact, it is available to anyone between 18 to 59 years of age. One also has the option to add one’s children to an existing accident insurance. If selected, children will automatically receive a cancer cover. This insurance policy remains active until the policy holder turns 70.

Do I need Accident Insurance?

An accident can occur when you least expect it, and can result in a serious injury or even death. This could put you and your family into serious financial difficulty. Moreover, if you are an adventure and sports enthusiast, or prefer the outdoor life, then you must consider one.

Also, if your job involves physical involvement such as mechanical engineering, manufacturing etc… then you must consider additional accident insurance. If you have restricted movements, due to any health condition, then it’s something that you must consider. As a matter of fact, over 186,209 road casualties were reported in 2015, with 1,732 resulting in death. You might be a cautious driver, but wouldn’t it be naive to trust everyone else?

For the bumpy ride ahead of you, and to counter the unforeseen adversities, we recommend that every individual, irrespective of his or her profession and lifestyle, considers an accident insurance. After all, tough times don’t always ring a warning bell. Although, having an accident insurance does not save you from that, but at least it enables you to counter the adversities. It puts you at peace that your needs are taken care of in case the forbidden happens.

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