Private room in a top of the range hospital

Health Insurance

Health Insurance (also known as Private medical insurance or PMI) can supplement what’s available on the NHS. With your own personal PMI you could have access to faster waiting times, the latest medical treatment, expert 24-hr helplines and your own private room.

The above picture is inside one of the rooms at Guy’s Hospital in London. It features a modern decor, TV on the wall in front of the bed, a fully equipped en suite bathroom and a comfortable sofa for visitors.

Why should I have Health Insurance?

We all know that most Doctors and Nurses in the NHS are over-worked, it can be difficult to get seen at a convenient time and the NHS have a maximum waiting time for non-urgent consultant-led treatments of 18 weeks. Yes 18 weeks! Of course, they do a great job, but in that time symptoms could worsen or even become irreversible.

In short, here are some of the benefits:

  • Private treatments are often far more advanced.
  • The quality of services available during your stay are better.
  • Recovery times are quicker, meaning less time away from work.
  • Higher chance of survival.
  • Choose your surgeon and your hospital.
  • Have prescriptions delivered to you the same day, or within 48 hours if you are abroad.
  • Access member discounts offering better value fitness equipment with some of the providers.
  • Ability to add children onto a policy, babies under 12 months are often covered for free.

Is Private Medical Insurance expensive?

It can be, but luckily today there are a number of measures we can put in place to bring the cost down. For example, if you add the 6 week option, this means you can use your private healthcare if the NHS can’t see you within 6 weeks.

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