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Life Insurance

Life insurance advice you can count on

If you pass away

If one of the breadwinners passes away it would devastate any young family, so why not get life insurance that can help them through the tough times, whether it’s to help put food on the table, to pay off the mortgage or to help towards a funeral, it will certainly help.

If you become Unwell

For most people if the doctor signs them off from work long-term, it will affect their wages conversely. Of course some people will receive sick pay, but usually that’s only for a few months. With Income Protection however, you can keep the money rolling in until you are able to return to work.

You may prefer a critial illness policy which will pay out a lump sum to help towards any treatment, debts or changes needed to your home.

health insurance

choose from our top health insurers

going private

All we hear about is the stress on the NHS and how long it takes to get appointments, in addition to this there are limited treamtnets available, so if you want to take your medical care into your own hands then it’s a great idea to have private healthcare. It can also cover your children and this will give you peace of mind that your little ones have access to all the specialist hospitals for any nasty surprises.

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accident insurance

don't let a temporary crisis ruin your day

Bad tackle?

Broken bones, fractures and ligament tears are all too common in sport nowadays and that’s why you can have cover for anything from a broken finger to permanent blindness, in addition to this you can cover hospital stays lasting between 1 to 90 days.

Infectious disease

It sounds bad but it can happen to any of us, with healthcare cover you can receive a pay out against things like Bacterial Meningitis, HIV and Septicemia, to name a few. In addition to this if you take a turn for the worse, there can even be a funeral benefit included.

business insurance

Cover the relevant people in your business

reduce dependancy on staff health

As a responsible businessperson you might want to think about what will happen to your business if you die or become seriously ill, furthermore you might have vital members of staff that would put your business at a great loss if they weren’t around for a period of time.

Also, in this instance Statutory Sick Pay isn’t usually enough for your employees to keep their head above the water, so you could recommend they have a talk with us too.

There are tax implications on insuring your key people, Click here to see some useful information from Royal London.

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