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Over 50s Insurance

Over 50s insurance is a policy available only to those who are at least 50 years old. We understand that you may be quite concerned about your responsibilities in that stage of life. So, if you don’t have an insurance plan or do not qualify for one, try the Over 50s insurance cover.

Since these plans are not medically underwritten, any UK resident can avail them. However, you must have a minimum age of 50 and a maximum age of 85 years. Also, you stop paying premiums at the age of 90. Moreover, the premiums payable are fixed, and come with death benefits.

Is it for me?

Over 50s insurance plans are ideal for those who aren’t able to qualify for any other insurance schemes. This could be due to pre-existing health conditions, or otherwise, but are looking forward for an insurance cover. Also, it helps such individuals to lessen the financial strain that their family may go through.

Benefits of an Over 50s insurance plan

• Not medically underwritten
• Guaranteed cover for UK Citizens aged between 50 and 85
• Fixed sum is paid to the beneficiary, upon death of the policy holder
• Helps cover funeral costs
• Reduces financial strain that your family may otherwise go through

However, as a rule, we try to offer you other insurance policies that are far more comprehensive and cost effective. Nonetheless, the Over 50s insurance plans are great as a last resort, just in case you fail to qualify for any other insurance cover.

So keeping that in mind, we may or may not recommend these to you. Nonetheless, if we do, you can be sure that we use the best insurers in the industry. After all, to provide you with strategic financial planning, and to help you plan ahead of uncertainties is our ultimate goal.

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